Estate Sales

We serve individuals, families, estate trustees, executors, real estate agents and attorneys in the North Bay and Ukiah Vicinity. We are committed to helping people with the arduous and emotional task of liquidating personal property. We are a staff of caring professionals. We conduct our sales in a speedy and efficient manner with the goal of obtaining for you, our client the highest possible prices.



What We Offer:


FREE appointment/consultation to discuss the best means of liquidating your personal property. There are a variety of ways to liquidate personal property, aside from the traditional on-site estate sale. Let us explore the options with you.

FREE appraisal/evaluation of items by a certified and experienced appraiser should you choose our firm to liquidate your property. (Written appraisals for tax/estate/donation purposes are available on a separate fee schedule.)

FREE advertising of your estate sale in a variety of venues. (Antique News Publications, Local Newspapers, and Online Ad Services such as Craigslist, Fogster and Ebay.)

FREE promotion, we promote your sale on our website in addition to advertising. We also prominently place signs guiding people to the sale.

FREE credit card processing. Sometimes, a sale would be lost if the customer couldn’t pay with a credit card. We never want our clients to lose a sale due to their inability to accept all types of payment. Our company absorbs the high cost of credit card processing and you benefit from increased sales.

Event hotline and email newsletter: We have a number where the public may call to ascertain information on our upcoming sales and we also regularly send out information in our online newsletter and daily blog.

We work on commission. It is in both our best interests to garner the maximum prices for your merchandise while still maintaining its saleability.

We will sell everything possible from the muffin papers in the kitchen cabinet to the family car in the garage.

We conduct on-site or online estate sales. Sometimes due to inclement weather it would better serve our clients to have an online estate sale. (Ask us for our flyer detailing both.)

We give you a clear list letting you know which items sold and for how much and you’ll have your check by Certified Mail within 14 days of the close of the sale.

Items not sold, if salable will be picked up and donated to a local charity.

Broom-Clean, we will leave your home clean and free of debris generated from the sale. If you require additional removal or clean-out of non-salable items we offer clean-out services.

We know that the process of liquidating an estate is often an emotional and arduous task. Our mission is to make this as seamless a transition as possible. We want to take a moment to familiarize you with the process of conducting an estate sale. Initially, we will sign the contract and set a date for your sale. You will be provided with a copy of the contract and a CD containing photographs of the house and items. You will also be given red sticky dots, these dots are to be used to mark any items you do not wish to be included in the sale. We prefer you to remove personal items and keepsakes prior to the sale but understand that this is sometimes not possible. All items not marked with a red dot will be included in the sale. We have a professional appraiser on staff who will conduct a visual appraisal of the contents of the home and will be available for pricing and valuation. Once the items have been evaluated our staff will begin the process of tagging, cleaning and staging the sale. The process usually takes between one to two weeks. The sale will be held during a 2-4 day time period depending on the size of the estate. Once the sale has ended the remaining items will be boxed up and donated to a charity of your choice. You will be provided with a receipt for the donation for tax purposes. We will leave the home free of debris from the sale but, will leave items not suitable for donation and heavy furniture. If you choose the clean-out service the house will be left completely empty, dusted, vacuumed and ready for a realtor to step in. You can expect to receive a check and list of sold items within two weeks of the sale’s end.


Do’s and Don’ts Before An Estate Sale :


DO NOT, DO NOT throw anything away. Even if you think that old Hershey’s chocolate box holding dad’s nails in the garage is nothing but rubbish, LEAVE IT BE!!! You would be surprised at how many times we’ve had a buyer come looking for a specific item only to be told by the owner that it had been thrown out. Please do not clean or throw out anything. We are professionals and know what buyers are looking for as well as how to best clean and present the items to potential buyers.

Do NOT sell anything prior to the estate sale or have your own yard sale without first consulting with an appraiser. We are professionals and know which items are valuable and which are not. We can liquidate the entire contents of the home quickly and efficiently without the emotional strain placed on the owners/family.

Do NOT sell piece-meal to dealers. When doing this it allows the best pieces to go before the sale opens leaving the less desirable objects behind. This will deter buyers from even looking.

Do Cover the property with insurance.

Do tell friends and family about the sale and the dates available for shopping. If two or more family members want the same item leave it in the sale. The family member that wants it the most will purchase it from the sale and eliminate all of the fighting.